Thursday, October 11, 2012


I've been a zombie before, but there's something about the zombie makeup that not only suits my style but offers a challenge.

I decided to be a zombie again this year, and make it twice as good as I did the last time.

Last time I looked like this:

Notice the gaping wounds? Not bad for some cheap fake blood, tissues and liquid latex. When I ran out of latex, I used cheap white glue.... because, hey... it's cheaper than anything else.

First of all, I reccomend you spend the money and get the spirit gum remover. SERIOUSLY.


I don't care how smooth and hairless you think your face is. Shave it. TRUST ME.

I was in tears taking that off at the end of the night. Not the boo hoo crying type. The "this hurts so bad my eyes are tearing up uncontrollably" type.

I found a great video on youtube for a tear away zombie flesh.

Zombie Flesh video

I've already tried parts of it. Just have to wait to put it on my face.

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