Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Made some art and a friend

I've been doing a lot of jumping from blog to blog entering contests. Sometimes I see gorgeous blogs... and sometimes I see ones that could use just a little help. Yesterday I saw one that needed a little love... so without trying to be a jerk, I sent off a message on facebook to the blog owner and offered some assistance. She gratefully accepted and I come up with something a little more fitting for her blog, and what I thought her style was.

She loved it of course and had it up on er site before I had time to read my email! I made her an over-sized button and what I like to call a landing image and sent them both off so she could continue to brand her blog. Who's next? I'd love to help out some other bloggers and maybe paying it forward will pay me back in the long run! Wouldn't it be great if I could do this to pay some bills? lol Anyhow... check out my new design live on the blog of Savannah Miller

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